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Simple facebook share button
(for 30 days)
Script will be sent to your email and can be used only on domain name which you’ve set during payment.

If you find an error during trial period, you get the script for free!

In trial mode we randomly reserve 50% of sharings


  1. Enter domain and email address and press the button to buy or load trial ⇧.

  2. Add this code to your site:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://khom.biz/plugins/ShareToAccess/ShareToAccess.js"/>
  3. Now you can hide any <div> block on your site by calling
    User should like or share your page if he wants to get hidden content.

    Script is compatible with sharethis, addthis and some other popular social sharing plugins.


How to get the share buttons for website really work?

You’ve already placed sharing website links on your website but nobody clicks on it. What could be the problem?

There are a lot of reasons that people who haven't seen you before trying to do something for you,like clicking a website social buttons. You need to attract them.

We suggest you to try to give something like a payment for user action. One of the solution could be to hide the content ( some parts of the article, the entertaining image, video e t.c.) and show it only to users that share your page. Monetizing your own website in one of the main tasks you should do.

This plugin replaces some content of your website by share buttons. User clicks the button and shares the link on his favourite social network. On this link you can find an unlock key, where user clicks on the shared link and once he returns to the page he can see the hidden content. The next time he visits your website the content will be visible to him.

How it looks like on a real website

1) One ordinary guy decided to start his own business, so he did. The time went by and nothing happened, people weren't so interested in his products and services. Everybody was talking about social share networks and how they help them with their work. But how?
It became clear to him that if I want to do something with his business has to get into that world. He started some searching over the internet and found Share to Access website. In no time he understood the way it works and started to use all those social share and like advantages for his business. Today he is a successsful businessman!
Social share plugin will increase website traffic.
Share buttons


  1. Increases the effect of social share buttons in times

  2. Optional two step confirmation increases the possibility that user shared your content

  3. Addblock detector helps you show an advertise even if user blocked all advertising using special plugins.

  4. Replaced content is fully removed from the page

  5. Easy instalation and cutomization.

  6. Compatible with popular social plugins ( Add This, Share This and others)



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